the million thousands circuits

There is still better than stopping Them, and probably more effective : It is to live now as we wish to live someday, when everything will be perfect…

Well… Perfecting. Or perfectly lived.

If we do that collectively and consistently, we will start circulating the million thousands circuits and a new world will thenceforth exist.

They can deal with opposition. They in fact feed from opposition, build bigger fences, justify police state from it, diabolized. Their media dumb the masses.

But they have not seen yet the million thousands circuits. ^^

I guess they fear them, and that’s why they oppose everything that leads to them : transparency, clarity, free time and citizen initiatives for a new world. Let them try to be those who oppose the beautifullest things we can do. Let’s do better than those ~institutions~. Let’s make it live ! Let’s communicate intelligently ^^ ! (See my communication projects at

A circuit ? It’s simple. 1) Take everything that is important to you. 2) Draw (and redraw at will) a circuit linking all of what you found at step 1. 3) Follow it. Add and subtract, garden, sweetly encounter, enjoy, do your best and take care. 4) Link your circuit with compatible other circuits into collective circuits. 5) Meditate on that and on everything. 6) Nature exists in a changing and returning Time, we must take great care of its many proccesses ; yet there is all eternity for love, joy and even fow pleasure. Just mind the ~Way It All Is~ and be its purest expression.


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  1. Allex bel on

    Love this circuit idea, will apply it and publish it soon enough. Thank you!

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