Letter to President Trump

Mister President Trump,

From what I can see and hear of you, you are not the heinous or racist character many depict you as being. You are the first to condemn bigotry. Congrats on that. So why are they all so set against you ?

Well, you know that people tend to be extremely touchy, especially when one talks about some groups of people, and some parts of your speeches doing exactly that may have irritated some ears, especially since some of your speeches have been heavily edited to make them sound other than they really are.

But there is a way out of that touchy spot.

It is simply to say limpidly that you’re not against any group of people, just against any abuse perpetrated or promoted on any singular individual. Isn’t that already your philosophy, in a nutshell ?

Who can actually be against such a philosophy ?

Oh, one other thing : since there is an information war going on about subjects such as yourself, maybe it’s good advice to keep informed of all allegations and, depending of the cases, debunk, explain or, as a noble man do, expiate and show you changed by concrete actions, which have to be but mere announcements from you, or even simple tweets. As of now, anyway. 😉

Stay good, strong and discerning, always do your best. Be happy.

Wishing for the best course of actions and reactions during your presidency.


Fred Mir (a.k.a Frédéric Lemire)


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  1. kevin on

    Sounds like child psychology to me.

    • fredofromstart on

      Agreed. Pretty elementary stuff, my dear Kevin. But many of our current feuds seem based on name-calling and gross preconceptions (mass-media made ?) and many people can’t even seem to be able to contemplate the most elementary stuff because of that … dumbed-down condition. So here I come, with some elementary philosophy, for I seem to have a knack for it. ^^

      And why do I intervene ? Because it seems that we collectively forget the most precious of all, the individual, for over-focusing on ~groups~ of people. That sometimes even translates as massive name-calling and bar any understanding, be it of the most elementary sort.

      But if things are precisely, acutely named, maybe we can pervasively agree on them. Like, for example, for such and such verses of any Holy Book, we could agree to expurgate any one that states that some humans are worth less than others because of their sex, sexual orientation, heredity or age.

      President Trump could play it positively by saying that he does not believe in the whole Bible, but really digs the gist of the New Testament, or even an expurgated version of it. For those Holy Books that circulate, some parts are contrary to even the most elementary stuff. Let’s grow up ! Let’s do our elementary homeworks and move on, folks !

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